On Writing: Beta Listeners, Thank You

I put out my new novel’s first chapter in a MP3 format. This was done using a particular AI program. I’ve heard the comments and it (the program) has not lived up to my expectations. It’s good, but not quite human-like. I will leave it out there as a teaser for the book for now. However, since I’m a book listener rather than reader, it is my aspiration to have my new book available in MP3 format as well as paperback.

I am still pitching The Stones of Yemen to agents, who would pitch to major publishers and I hope we can cut a deal (which could take a year). I hope I can convince them to produce a very professional (real voice actor) audio book. If I’m not able to close a deal with a major publisher (and it is incredibly difficult to even to have one look at your work) I will still produce an audio book. However, I cannot afford to use a voice actor, which would cost over $8,000 for my book. I would use a better AI program than the one I used here and I’ve already tested and it does sound better. I will make that MP3 version free, to accompany the hardcopy book. But thanks for listening and giving me your feedback.


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