On Writing: Beta Listeners, Thank You

I put out my new novel’s first chapter in a MP3 format. This was done using a particular AI program. I’ve heard the comments and it (the program) has not lived up to my expectations. It’s good, but not quite human-like. I will leave it out there as a teaser for the book for now. However, since I’m a book listener rather than reader, it is my aspiration to have my new book available in MP3 format as well as paperback.

I am still pitching The Stones of Yemen to agents, who would pitch to major publishers and I hope we can cut a deal (which could take a year). I hope I can convince them to produce a very professional (real voice actor) audio book. If I’m not able to close a deal with a major publisher (and it is incredibly difficult to even to have one look at your work) I will still produce an audio book. However, I cannot afford to use a voice actor, which would cost over $8,000 for my book. I would use a better AI program than the one I used here and I’ve already tested and it does sound better. I will make that MP3 version free, to accompany the hardcopy book. But thanks for listening and giving me your feedback.

Published by J. Michael Jones

J. Michael Jones is married to Denise and is the father of five successful adult children, scattered around Washington state and Minnesota. He had a 38-year career as a physician associate, until he was forced into retirement by multiple myeloma in 2019. During his career, he waw a headache specialist at Mayo Clinic, and in the pacific northwest, and worked as a generalist in a variety of locations overseas, including Abu Dhabi, Oman, Cyprus, Egypt, Pakistan twice, Nepal, and Afghanistan's Khyber Pass. He has always loved to think and write, publishing seven books and countless journal articles. After retirement he has focused on his fiction writing including his coming book, The Stones of Yemen.

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