The Stones of Yemen: Audio Edition Early Release for my Blog Friends

I am getting excited! After three incredible years of work on the Stones of Yemen, the book will soon be released to the public as a paperback, hard cover, Kindle, and audiobook. It is my best book ever and the feedback from readers will determine if I try to write again.

For the last three weeks I’ve worked tirelessly with the audio production group (BookBaby) for about 12-16 hours a day doing proofs. My ears are sore from the headset and my brain is tired. Today we finished and I signed off on the audio version. The book became instantly available to the pubic, but I’m going to keep that a secret until I’m ready to launch the book in all it forms. However, to my faithful blog followers, for those of you who prefer audiobooks, you can order it today (instant download), here. The recommended price for the audio version was $19.99, however, I do not write books for profit but to bring joy to my readers and myself. So I had them price the audiobook at a base price to just cover the cost of production, around 13-14 bucks. The paperback will be even less.

I’ve never done an audiobook before and I’ve never worked with this production company. If you have any problems, with the download or quality of the recording, please let me know. The hard copies will be published by Mount Erie Press and will be available in all bookstores in about 1-2 weeks. If you prefer traditional books, just be patient, it is coming!

I will comment that this book is rated PG-13 because it has “real people” speaking and acting as real people do, especially in intense situations … which you will find plenty of.

With deep gratitude to all who helped to make this book possible.


P.S. On Monday, after three years of planning, we break ground on the stone cottage. All the “stones” in my life are coming home to roost at once … and that’s a good thing.


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5 responses to “The Stones of Yemen: Audio Edition Early Release for my Blog Friends”

  1. I’m so excited for you!! I’ve read a couple of your books on my Nook. Will this one be available through Barns & Noble?


    • Yes, it will be available everywhere. Small bookstores will have to order it because they may only carry a couple hundred books, and about 3,000 books are published everyday. But yes, B & N will have it at their online store but their physical stores must order it. If enough people request it, they would carry it in their store.


  2. Oh boy..I am going to order both the audio and the hard copy book! I have a thing for real ‘page turners’.. (see what I did there?) Congratulations on all your hard work Mike! I do hope you continue to share.


    • You are so sweet. With readers like you, I would want to write forever. I don’t know if you read Christiana Athena: The Girl With The Headaches (I’m not sure if is even still in print) but in that novel, I wanted to capture the lives of people such as yourself and the heroic lives they’ve had to live. I hope this book is much better as my writing has improved (I hope).


      • Thank you! I did read it, it’s on my Kindle downloads. You really did capture the plight of so many who endure a life of migraines. I highly recommend that friends and family..or anyone this book. Very few understand and this book really does shed some light. I do thank you for writing it. Migraines are not just headache. Kind of like dogs are not ‘just a dog’, off topic I know.


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