The Jones Cottage Begins!


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9 responses to “The Jones Cottage Begins!”

  1. Mike, have you ever been to the stone village of Eze, France? (Half an hour outside Nice) Looking forward to following the Jones Cottage Chronicles. Dann


  2. cool! I love these updates and look forward to more about your stone cottage! 🙂

    Currently I’m dealing with issues with my waterline from well to house with apparently a leak somewhere in the line. So basically i switch on my pump about 2x a day for brief periods (flush toilet and fill water containers), while I wait until the snow melts and the ground thaws and then it’s looking like my sidewalk and yard will have to be dug up in order to repair line probably end of April – costly and messy, and in the meantime inconvenient with very limited running water for next couple months. As long as I still can draw some water each day it’s manageable 🙂

    Have a great day and say hello to Denise for me! joan


  3. I’m so exited for you! Thank you for taking us along on this journey..I look forward to all future updates and photos! Although it’s not your original dream location, what a wonderful Plan B dream come true this will be. It will also hopefully be something that remains in your family for years to come. Your children (and wife) must be so proud of how remarkable and resilient you are.


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