On Easter, a Hope for Peace

While the three Abrahamic faiths are sewing violence In Israel and her surroundings, there is a sign that peace could finally come to Yemen, whose civil war has been forgotten. It is a war that I became too familiar with during the writing of the Stones of Yemen. But we pray that this peace will hold. See the story here.


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2 responses to “On Easter, a Hope for Peace”

  1. I couldn’t agree more
    Great post! It’s inspiring to hear about the possibility of peace in Yemen amidst all of the ongoing conflict in the region. I’m curious, do you think this recent development could lead to any long-term solutions for the conflicts between the Abrahamic faiths in Israel and the surrounding areas?


    • Unfortunately, I’m doubtful if the Yemeni-Saudi peace accord will spill over. With a far right government in Israel, we are in store for a season of more violence between Israel and her neighbors. If everyone treated the other with respect, that would be the begining of peace.


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