1. Health Update: I had my latest labs, returning on Tuesday, and the pathologist commented about my protein electrophoresis (best markers for multiple myeloma) was “unremarkable without any evidence of multiple myeloma.” Now that does not mean a cure. There is no cure for MM and people with the best response to treatments can have no evidence of the disease for years, yet for them it eventually comes back. But I am deeply grateful for this stringent remission that I’m in, which I didn’t think I would ever see after my bone marrow transplant failed. It doesn’t mean that I am suddenly normal. MM has wrecked my health like a hurricane within my soul. I still have renal failure from it. I still must take toxic chemo, which leaves me quite fatigued and my immune system . . .  pitiful. But who’s complaining?
  2. Cottage Progress: I had to slow down my work on the cottage after injurying my leg three weeks ago. While quite painful, it is getting better. Then I ran into a couple of mistakes that I have to go back and fix. I still love the work and the effort is serving its purpose, keeping me exercising, and keeping my mind occupied and challenged (see video below). I just have to work on pacing myself.
  3. On Writing: I do think my writing days are over. As a no-name author, it is always a challenge getting the word out about your book. I did spend some money on national ads, with little response. Typical. But the, last week, for reasons I can’t understand, the book took off like a rocket, becoming # 800 (out of 36 million books on the market) and # 14 in “Romantic Adventure” category. My previous best was Ristretto Rain, which was about 38,000 for a few days. I am pleased with how the Stones of Yemen is doing. My editor, however, believed that The Stones of Yemen would have a cult following among physician associates because the protagonist is one. However, for reasons I don’t understand, it has not caught the eye of fellow PAs. Those who have read it, love it, but advertising to that group has failed.
  4. Video of Cottage Update


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