J. Michael Jones grew up in the Appalachian Mountains of northeast Tennessee, in what some have called the buckle of the Bible Belt. Having rejected the faith of his childhood, he was re-introduced to Christianity via a para-church organization while still in high school. He would spend the next fifteen years with this evangelical organization. He went through years of discipleship training and then became a missionary, (along with his wife Denise) to work with Muslims in the Middle East.

During his initial term as a missionary in Egypt, he found his Muslim friends to be kind and supportive, however, he discovered some haunting things within his own brand of evangelicalism. This eventually led to a total collapse of his Christian faith and a return to his old agnosticism.

Over the next fifteen years, Michael set out on a journey to try and understand why his Christian faith had failed him so severely. This spiritual expedition took him through years of introspection of his evangelical upbringing, his own psychological makeup, and then on to the historical development of Christianity itself. In the years he spent studying Church history, he studied in Asia, the Middle East, North Africa and Europe. He made a profound discovery that answered his original questions of why his faith had failed him so severely. The trail of inquiry, led him back to a natural form of Christianity that has been neglected by modern evangelicalism. This simpler form of faith, may be the answer for the masses who have become disillusioned with modern, American, evangelicalism.

Michael and Denise have been married for 34 years and have five grown children. They presently live in Anacortes, Washington. He has a master’s degree in medicine (PA) and has worked in neurology for most of his career.He still travels to the developing world to provide medical services. He has written two other books, A Kernel in the Pod and Why Your Head Aches.