About J. Michael Jones

J. Michael Jones grew up in the Appalachian Mountains of NE Tennessee. He became interested in the medical professions as he neared graduation from East Tennessee State University, with the hopes helping with the needs of the suffering within the developing world. He soon transitioned from medical school for becoming a  physician, to  a medical school for becoming a PA, in order to expedite his dream of serving the most underserved.

He is married to Denise and has five grown children.  They reside on a quiet lake in Anacortes, Washington. He has lived and worked in Cyprus, Egypt, Pakistan, Oman, Nepal, and UAE. Most of his career has been in neurology, specifically Headache Medicine, where he found a niche here in the USA, where patients were neglected as almost as much as those in war-torn, developing countries.

Michael has been interested n writing since middle school. He has published over thirty articles for national and international magazines. He has written six books, ranging from Christian philosophy to headache management. The Waters of Bimini, was his first novel. His second novel, released in 2019, was Christina Athena; the Girl with the Headaches. His latest novel Ristretto Rain was released July 11th, 2020 and was Amazon’s # 1 book that had anything to do with coffee, for three weeks. He now working on his first true thriller, picking up on a character introduced in The Waters of Bimini. This latest novel is titled; Retribution; Eynan, Bieynan.

Unfortunately, Michael went from being in great health, running six miles at a time, working full time, and planning a trek across Greenland for the summer of 2019, to being serious ill in January 2019. His diagnosis was the bone marrow cancer, Multiple Myeloma and associated renal failure. It has been a trying year of efforts to stay alive and enduring treatments such as a bone marrow transplant. He learned in September, 2019, that the bone marrow (stem-cell) transplant was not fully effective in putting his cancer in complete remission as he had hoped and he continues fighting this battle. However, he is doing much better in the way he feels. He is off dialysis and does a lot of hiking, sailing, (small) mounting climbing, kayaking and has even run a few times.

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