Day 1 of Plasma Exchange

So, the underlying problem is that my bone marrow is making bad plasma (one band of many) and today we are sucking off some of the bad plasma that is clogging up the kidneys, and replacing it wit some fresh Canada plasma (Canadian group  is doing the procedure and I’m joking with them about that).

Finally, one bit of good news. This whole ordeal started with a neck injury. The neck injury came out of the blue (after a sneeze) and for that I took some anti-inflammatory medications. The anti-inflammatory medications did not cause any of this problem, except to be the tipping point of failing kidneys. They would have failed within weeks anyway due to the cancer.

So,MM often begins with pathogenic fractures. From the beginning, there was concern that this new neck pain was such a pathological fracture. If so, and if it were unstable, it would mean a potential paraplegia. So, the good news is that all my bone scans have returned and they look good. I have not bone lesions.

Denise is here and we are laying close. She’s nice. Glad I have her.



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3 responses to “Day 1 of Plasma Exchange”

  1. You sound like you’re a little loopy when you say “Denise is here and she’s NICE????”” Thought that was cute Mike! Glad for some good new s that your bones are fine. Keep up the fight!!🙏🙏🙏


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