I am reading your comments

It is logistically difficult for me to type with so many machine hook-hooks. I am reading your comments and they are dear to me. I just can’t type  response them. We feel you love and support.



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4 responses to “I am reading your comments”

  1. Thank you so much for sharing your ups and downs with us your support group. It shows your humanity. Also thank you for your updates even though it is hard to type. You have a lot of people not only praying for you but to also let us know how we can support you and Denise during this journey. You are very special to your church family and if I or Margaret can help in any way all you have to do is ask. Take courage on this portion of your life’s journey.


  2. Hey there Mike (and family)
    Yes, God is there and He loves you beyond measure and knows your every need. You are a good writer and I am so glad to know you. I hope and pray you get to that porch with your sweet Denise and write.
    We are praying for you in the U.P. My “kids” enjoyed so much seeing you at Elaine’s 90th birthday party.
    Chin up my friend❤️Mim Newman


  3. Dear Mike and Denise and Family- we are so sorry that you have to go through this. Our Prayer for you, Mike, right now is that your toes will find a firm foundation as you reach for the bottom of your grief. Know that you are loved,
    Love, doug and Judy


  4. Glad to read your positive post. Never before heard of bad plasma. I think Forrie has a plasma welder — maybe he has some spare plasma he can send to you. Ha ha On the serious side, have you checked with Mayo about your situation? I have deep respect for their depth of knowledge and possibilities of alternate treatments. Also, there are many at WPC who would like to come up to visit you when you are up to it, but not until we get the green light. God Bless! Chuck Ackerman


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