UPDATE: 2/18/19

  • As I’ve said before, getting my kidneys to work on their own is huge, and will make treating my cancer drop from being extremely difficult to just difficult. I had labs today. In summary, my toxins (creatinine and BUN) are still double the normal limit but have remained flat during two days of no dialysis. This means my kidneys are trying to clear the toxins. If we can get them down to normal and they stay there, these tubes come out and dialysis is over. Otherwise it is permanent. I have another lab tomorrow. Please pray for my kidneys to heal!
  • My hemoglobin has risen from 6.5, 4 weeks ago (normal is 14 and mine is being pushed down by my renal failure) is up to 10.1 today. I can feel my strength getting better each day. I hiked 2.5 miles today, up from 2 the previous days.
  • I’m in the second round of chemo. I will have labs done in two weeks that will tell us if it is working. This chemo works in about 75% of cases like mine (putting me in remission, not curing). If it is not working, it means that my kidneys are being damaged more by the protein and the disease is growing unchecked. Please pray that my protein (IgG Lambda light chain) is back to normal, which is <24 mg/l. I started out at 2658.2 mg/l, 4 weeks ago.
  • I thank God that;
    • My moderate to severe headache (we didn’t know the cause), which lasted 10 days, is gone.
    • My neck pain is improving (we don’t know the cause).
    • That my unexplained tachycardia, while is still present, is now being controlled by, yet, another medication. It could be related to the catheters in my chest, which end up at the right atrium.



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5 responses to “UPDATE: 2/18/19”

  1. So glad you are hiking. That is a good and creates normalcy. Keep going and fighting your disease. Looks like it is making a difference. Where did you hike? I am assuming it was probably heart lake


    • Because of the snow, I could get more distance on Tommy Thompson. I may return to the woods today, Sharpe Park, if I’m not too wiped out from dialysis. Chemo was a piece of cake yesterday, except of no sleep last night from the mega steroids I had to take.


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