I wanted to make sure that I am clear about my kidneys. No, they are not suddenly better. Simply,  my nephrologist wanted to challenge them to see if they can function without dialysis. While I respect him very much, I was perplexed as my labs have not been that good. The main point is that my toxins, creatinine and BUN rise on my non-dialysis days. I have now missed one day of dialysis in our little trial. I will get labs on Monday and Tuesday. If my toxins are stable, then, I can get off dialysis in about two weeks. About a week after that, I will get these catheters out of my chest. I will dance if that happens.

So, I have guarded optimism. But you can pray that these coming tests are good.

I’ve continued chemo, starting my third round this past Monday. I did okay Monday and even returned to work on Wednesday morning. But then things started to go south.

I think it was the combination of things including getting three vaccines at the dialysis center on Tuesday, doing my second chemotherapy treatment on Thursday and getting a new 5-hour infusion of a bone hardening drug (MM often involves the bones causing fractures). By last night, I felt horrible worst than any flu I’ve ever experienced. The symptoms have continued today but are slowing improving. If I had to live with these symptoms, I would have no quality of life. I hope that I can return to work this coming week for two half days. But it is discouraging to have such bad days. I want to have a disease where you get treatments that  make you feel better and better, not where the treatments make you feel worse and worse.


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One response to “UPDATE: MARCH, 8 2019”

  1. Helpless in my own strenght, but praying for God to give you His strength to bear up under such a painful emotional and physical burden!!I All the things you are so vulnerable to share with the thought of loosing your plans of world travel with the wife you’ve shared hopes, dreams and savings with along with possible huge financial consequences is definitely earth shattering! You are in a crisis and the middle of a Cat 5 hurricane, everything turned upside down with no life line so far!!! Praying constantly for a miracle Michael, and until then feel the Lord carrying you!!! Keep blogging hundreds care and are🙏


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