MINI-RAMBLINGS: How Little We Know

I spent the day yesterday reading research papers on renal injury from Multiple Myeloma. I have now read every paper ever published on the topic (seriously). Some of them twice or three times. It is s complex phenomena. We know that 30-50% of people like me, recover at least some of their renal function. We know that for those who don’t, the picture is grave for survival. However, we still have no idea why some recover and some do not. What makes you feel helpless is that we know of nothing the patient can do to change the course. Maybe (not clear) keeping the fluid intake high might help. Beyond that, the researchers are clueless. There is no diet, exercise, supplement, or drug that can help.

Don’t get me wrong. I have great admiration for clinical scientists. But I have an even greater respect for the complexities of the human body. And sadly, the reality of if all, is that some disease states that don’t have a lot of profit potential (like curing erectile dysfunction, obesity, or baldness) get very little private research dollars. If they could find a drug that cures renal disease from Multiple Myeloma today, the company who found it (investing hundreds of millions of dollars to find it) will never see a profit because there are so few of us.

The “alternative” world of health care is much worse. They make up their science as they go and often use unscrupulous means to promote diets, books, and supplements for an even greater profit.

There is no answer, but to learn as much as you can (I was able to suggest to my kidney doctor yesterday, a change in medication based on a rat study from 1992), to hope for the best and to pray constantly that you are on the right path.


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  1. Praying Mike ! You and Denise are constantly on my heart and mind. Praying that in all your research and Drs. and your response to treatment that you would get those extended years you are so deserving of!


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