Renal Update

I said that I would post today’s labs, once I’ve run them through my algorithm to follow  my renal function because my kids do check this daily. I will add a caveat, that creatinine can fluctuate widely based on diet (for example lots of red meat can raise it) so take one data point with caution. So, today, there was an uptick, but I’m not too discouraged about that. It is still lower than the plateau that I was in for most of the month. Also this graph does not capture the toxin BUN. When the creatinine accumulation was at the lowest point, .09, the BUN was 45 and today, the BUN was 40. (Normal is somewhere below 20). I need to develop another algorithm that combines BUN and Creatinine accumulation. Maybe, because I’m high on steroids again, it is sometime I can come up with at 3 AM again. The next lab will be 4/29/19 and we will know much more by then. Also, I do have my monthly meeting with my nephrologist tomorrow and I will post if any thing new comes up.



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