Mini-Mini UPDATE: 4/20/19

I just wanted to post, out of excitement, that my renal function has started to improve again (if one lab draw counts) after being at a plateau for three weeks. See the latest graph below. Again, this is an algorithm that I’ve created, which captures the rise of one toxin, creatinine, per hour with a relationship to the number of hours I spend in dialysis. You don’t have to understand the math, except that the closer the number gets the zero, the sooner I can get off of dialysis.

I hate having the catheters in my chest on the right. I just found out yesterday that in two weeks I must also get catheters in my chest on the left for the stem-cell transplant. Those will be in for 10 weeks. But it would be glorious to have both sides removed about the same time and I be set free from this tether.


Creatinine Graph 4-20-19


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