UPDATE: 6/15/19

I am day + 3 of the stem cell transplant. Things have gone relatively well, although I am now descending, as expected, into the most difficult time, where my old bone marrow is burning out and the new hasn’t started. This time of the deepest misery should last 10 days.

My kidneys did take a big hit during the transplant (as determined by the renal function blood tests). I was fearful that I would have to go back on dialysis. However, since then, in the last two days, they are bouncing back. Today marks one month since I’ve had dialysis.

Our biggest hurdles including me having the typical (bad) nausea and diarrhea with a lost of appetite.  I am not sleeping well due to my neurological twitching being worse during this.

Denise is by my side most of the time, but sleeping on the Peter Gross House. I should say “Trying to sleep” as she is facing insomnia as well.

The worst days should be the middle of next week. That is where most patients get very sick and their hair comes out.

I’ve now walked 200 laps around the hospital halls, which converts to 20 miles. I am shooting for a marathon before I’m too sick to walk.


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3 responses to “UPDATE: 6/15/19”

  1. Hang in there MIKE. Sending you a pretty picture to meditate on what you’re going through the tough stuff. Those 20 miles are making you even tougher. We’re thinking about you. Give Denise a hug for me.

    Ann Sent from my iPhone



  2. God, strengthen Mike’s body as he goes thru the dark shadows of the valley of his cancer cells being killed off and snuffed out!!! Replace them with regenerative strong healthy ones. Give him a reprieve from the twitching, diarrhea, nausea and give restful sleep for him and Denise. Wow, let him know that bald is beautiful, so says my daughter🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣💤💤💤💤☀️☀️ to follow!!!


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