First two bags of stem cells infused. Tomorrow, we will infuse two more. Things have gone well except I (typically) developed side effects from the melphanin, chemo. So, I’m feeling a little rough with the typicals of nausea, diarrhea and general feeling like chemo-shit. This may get a lot worse of the next week before it gets better.

The kidneys are holding their own, so far, despite the harsh chemo, which is hard on them.

Nice to have Ramsey visit today. Denise was the photo taker.

stem cell


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5 responses to “UPDATE:6/12/19”

  1. Mike looks like you are well cared for and on the way to your getting those good stem cells replacements in and starting their work. I noticed the staff and Denise aren’t gowned like I’m use to seeing in an isolation setting. Is this new or is that yet to come? Glad to see you are comfortable in your hospital jeans!!! Take care friend


    • Denise is not in the picture. That is my son Ramsey. Denise took the picture. They treat this whole floor like a reverse isolation. The infectious disease people strong emphasize hand washing but see masks as not helpful. I try very hard not to look like a patient and never wearing a gown because I want my body to think of itself as getting better and going home.


    • Go, Mike’s kidneys, go! Keep processing that chemo, get stronger every day!!
      Constant prayers and well wishes to all.


  2. Mike,
    I just learned of your health struggles and read your blog in one sitting tonight. I get it, cancer is NOT you. I’m familiar with the feeling as I was diagnosed with colon cancer in Dec (luckily only stage IIB).
    I worked on the transplant unit back at Mayo so am familiar with all you are going through (obviously only from the “other side” of the coin) and you have my utmost respect, love, best wishes and prayers (I’m not a prayer but for you I will pray!)… Hang in there and we’ll catch up soon.


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