Update: 1/5/20-Follow Up

My labs are back and in summary, a few things are slightly worse, a few things better so it comes to the conclusion that my kidneys are horrible, but stable. My potassium (which poses the most immediate danger) is modestly better which gives me a little more freedom in food. Certainly I can’t ever eat an orange or banana again, but I might try to put a little bit of tomato sauce on my spaghetti, about once every two weeks.


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4 responses to “Update: 1/5/20-Follow Up”

  1. Little good news on your potassium but not on kidney function panel. Got to be so hard Mike with steps forward, backward and on and on it goes. Yeah for marinara once in awhile. Praying!!! Keep sharing, we’re listening and deeply caring about your daily journey.


  2. Prayers for continued positives Mike. I hope the positive results give you hope for your kidney remaining stable at the very least but more so for improvement. Good news on the Potassium levels, enjoy your pasta sauce and anything else you might be able to tweak a bit. Keep getting out and enjoying some fresh air..it is amazing what it can do for our mindset. I will continue praying for your family and that of your friend’s with the recent tragedies. Any word about the health of your Cancer doc you mentioned that was involved in an accident?


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