UPDATE:2/6/20-Part II

Good News!

I have  my labs back, which looks directly at the cancer. We do this one every three months. My last one, done 3 months after my stem cell transplant, was confusing and mixed (too complicated to explain here). This one, which just came back today, was clear and shows only a “faint” trace of the cancer. This is very good news. If the stem cell had been perfect, there would be nothing. But a faint trace proves that the stem cell transplant did put me into a good partial remission. My doctor first reported in October (based on the confusing tests results) that the stem cell transplant had done nothing for me, which was quite depressing. This should mean that the cancer will be easy to control, until it decides to surge. . . which could be months, years, or decades. Thanks for your prayers about this.

Despite the above, I’ve been feeling much worse lately (constant diarrhea) and last night and today were especially bad. This must be a side effect from the chemo, which has been gradually getting worse over the past two months. The fact that the cancer is in check should give us the opportunity to find a different chemo that could have less side effects, at least that’s what I hope.




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13 responses to “UPDATE:2/6/20-Part II”

  1. Wow, Mike good news, thank you Lord for answered prayer. Now I am praying the Drs can come up with the next meds that will also arrest your bowel problems and get you stronger and feeling better each day.👍🙏🙏🙏


  2. Hooray…very exciting news!! So happy for all of you!! Now onward to finding a different but as effective chemo treatment. 🙂 Happy Sunday..enjoy this feeling of elation.


  3. Mike, Wow this is very good news. Surely it will ebb and flow as it has for my mom, but for now…so happy for these numbers to be down. And yes, maybe you can entertain changing or reducing the chemo so that you can feel physically better. Continued prayers for you!!!!


  4. Great to hear. I got your date availability, but I’m now trying to finish a whole bunch of work so that we can leave on vacation on Wednesday, so it will have to be when we get back. Thanks for understanding.



  5. That’s great news Mike!! I’m so happy for you. Thanks for sharing this news and your journey in general.
    All our best to you and your family.


  6. Great news Mike. It’s been a battle but you are not alone on your journey. Still praying for you and your quality of life.


  7. Mike.
    Try Bd-Gard. When I had the microscopic infection in the lining of my stomach which required a month of antibiotics. This was the only thing that treated the symptoms. It works. I took boxes of Imodium to no avail. Can’t hurt! Luv you Bro! SO SO HAPPY about the good news!!


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