A Little More Cancer Humor, and I’m Done (for a while)

9 Things You Didn't Know About the Starbucks Secret Menu

Starbucks Guy: Hi, how’s your day going so far?

Lady (teary): Just found out I have an inoperable brain tumor and I’m in shock . . . I’ll take a latte while I try to quieten my nerves to drive home.

Starbucks Guy (now teary): Sorry, but I just have to go off script to say … DAMN! Son of a bitch! That sucks! That will be a double latte for you.

Lady: You nailed it … will you accept a $50 tip?

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Woman: Isn’t this is the stupidest shit you ever heard of? Waiting an hour for a g-d- tire you don’t have! I want you fired … you piece of shit!

Man: Again, mam, I’m so sorry this has upset you so much. We’ll fix everything … I promise. But, to answer your question, you know … hearing my daughter has leukemia last year was pretty dumb shit … too.

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Woman: I’m so happy to talk to you. I’ve been on hold for 92 minutes. I have a question about my claim denial. How did I get a bill for friggin eighteen thousand dollars for one chemo treatment? You said you cover chemo.

Insurance Rep on Receiver: Well, we do. Didn’t you read the 300 page benefits book we sent you? We do cover chemo … but just not for cancer.

Side View of a Priest Reading a Bible in a Church · Free Stock Video

Woman: Father, you told me to pray and trust God and my melanoma would be cured. I prayed my heart out for six months and never doubted God for a moment. I did the best treatments, and they all failed. However, Joe in our support group, is a raging atheist. He did the same treatment as me and … well, he’s cured. What does this mean?

Priest: Well, apparently God likes atheists better.

Published by J. Michael Jones

J. Michael Jones is a writer and PA who lives in Anacortes, Washington. He is the father of five children, who are now grown and out discovering this wonderful world on their own. He has previously focused his writing on non-fiction including medical topics and issues of the philosophy of Christian thought. With the success of his last book, Butterflies in the Belfry, Michael is now moving into fiction with his first novel, The Waters of Bimini.

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