Ramblings: Pro-Choice and Pro-Life

I promised that I would get back to this series of articles. It is an important topic with many ramifications. It is also like walking in a mine field so I have to write thoughtfully. I listened to a lecture/sermon by a Christian-feminist this week, which reinforced the need for this voice (I hope of peace) that I want to share, a unique viewpoint.

With that said, I had an editorial deadline with my book The Runner Stone; journey out of Yemen and have been consumed with that (as far as writing goes) until today. Then, the 4 hours that I had set aside to work on this article last week-end got eaten up (and then some) by a science-documentary binge party. Believe it or not, I watched five hours of paleontology last weekend. Nonetheless, I will return to working on this series soon. Mike, The Hermit of Loch Eyre.


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