New Podcast-The Transexual

I’ve added a new podcast, The Transexual-A Philosophical Perspective. You can listen to it here. I love controversy.

I’m taking my first airplane trip since the pandemic to visit my family in Jacksonville this week. It is a bit scary, but I’m glad the numbers for COVID are down. I will have my cancer quarterly testing as soon as I’m back. I had been doing well. My severe diarrhea from the chemo had settled to to near normal. After nine months I was never so happy to see a real turd again. However, since last summer I’ve had increasing, rather severe, whole back pain. It isn’t your typical back pain. We looked last summer from cancer metastasis in my back (PET scan) and there was no evidence of that. I suspect that it is the chemo. It doesn’t scare me, but it makes it very hard to get the chores done that spring is requiring. Appreciate your prayers that it would go away. I will share health updates when the tests are back circ April 18-19th.

Take care. I hope you are well.



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6 responses to “New Podcast-The Transexual”

  1. Hola Johnny: gracias por tu mensaje, me has hecho llorar de emoción.
    Agradezco cada palabra que dices, cada pensamiento que tienes, y sobre todo, agradezco el valor y el amor que transmites.
    Si, yo también estoy segura de que en el cielo nos encontraremos con todos los gays, lesbianas y transexuales que han sido rechazados y humillados por ser lo que son. Porque si Dios los rechaza por ello, eso no sería el cielo.


    Helena Calvo-Prieto


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