Why Truth Matters

I’m still waiting for my labs and will report on those when they come in. My book is at the editor, so I have time on my hand to participate in a little satiric mischief. I now try to leave controversial things off my blog, however, there is no way to convert this into a pod cast. I will remind the reader that I don’t consider myself political. I have no party affiliation, have never been a big fan of Joe Biden, but I don’t think he’s the devil. The points of this satiric cartoon come from personal conversations and polls of opinions of white evangelicals. My honest pursuit is truth regardless if it comes from the political right or left or from inside the American church or from its outside. Surveys show that 66% of children raised in the Christian church leave it by age 22 and this cartoon expresses one of many reasons they leave.

Mom: Ashley, I just can’t understand how you’ve turned your back on the church. When is the last time you’ve darkened the doors of one? You don’t go to the one on campus. Are you even a believer anymore? And we raised you as a Christian, what happened?

Daughter: Mom, you told me the earth was six thousand years old and that turned out to be a lie. You told me your relationship with that Roger guy from your office was platonic, well we both know that was a lie. You and Dad told me you had a perfect marriage and that was a lie. You told me that Donald Trump was a “godly man” and that was a lie. You taught me that gay people were evil and had a conspiracy to convert all children to “gayness,” and that was a lie. You taught me that all Muslims were terrorists and wanted to kill us or convert us to Islam, and that was a lie. You taught me that undocumented immigrants were dirty, criminals and came here to sponge off the government, and that is certainly not true. You told me God hated them because they were stealing from us. But they pay taxes and receive no benefits from the government, so that was a lie. You told me that COVID was made up and no one had died from it, until grandpa did. You told me that it came from a lab in China, funded by Dr. Fauci, and that was a lie. You post things on Face Book without fact-checking them, and many of them are lies. You told me that masks were of no benefit, even the devil’s veil, which was a lie. You told me that the COVID vaccine was dangerous, which was a lie. Then you told me that Jesus would protect us from COVID, and how many died from it in your church–four? You told me that the 2020 election was stolen from Donald Trump and that absolutely was a lie. You told me that climate change was a liberal conspiracy with no evidence, which was certainly a lie. You told me that Joe Biden was a pedophile and Nancy Pelosi was part of the mafia, which were lies. You told me that the people who attacked our government on January 6th were liberal actors, not Trump supporters, which was a lie. And Mom, you told me the Bible was the center of your life, but really its your political party isn’t it? So Mom, now I have to assume that all the things you taught me about God and Jesus were lies too. So, that’s why I don’t go to church anymore.


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2 responses to “Why Truth Matters”

    • The threat of Shunning in this life and Eternal Hell in the next can be quite a motivator.

      It’s also a reason why dysfunctional/abusive churches forbid any connections or relations with “Those HEATHENS” outside their church and swamp their members with 24/7/365 commitments and Christianese knockoffs of everything they can do on the Outside. So there is no reason to ever go outside the Only True Church’s four Thomas Kincade-decorated walls.

      When “Koinonia House Christian Fellowship”, Jack Chick, and Hal Lindsay were messing up my head in the mid-Seventies (some of the damage is permanent), the reason i got out was I went to my first SF convention (NASFIC 1975), discovered Dungeons & Dragons, and found the Outside to be much more accepting than the Inside. I had made connections and knew people “among the HEATHEN” and found them much more friendly and supporting.

      What would have happened if I DIDN’T have those connections on the Outside? If my family (which IRL were completely out of the loop) had also been “Real True Christians” so even they would have love-bombed and damnation-threatened me to stay? What happens when ALL your friends, ALL your family are part of that church and you have NO connections to the Outside? If you leave, you lose EVERYTHING. All alone among SATAN and his HEATHENS.

      It’s not only chickens who peck the Defective to death in the barnyard.
      “Beware Thou of the Mutant.”


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