On Writing: The Stones of Yemen, Sample Chapter

I am continuing to work on my most recent novel, The Stones of Yemen. At this juncture, I’m involved with the arduous process of finding a literary agent to represent this work to major publishing houses. Previously I had either self-published books or published them through a small publisher with a narrow market. I do believe that this book has arrived to the level of being publishable in the more mainstream market and I’ve had editors reassure me in that conviction. However, it does not mean I can accomplish this difficult task of catching their eye.

Bryan Rogers, PA-C went to Yemen to save the children. He left Yemen to save the world.

While the book will likely experience further editing once in the hands of a publisher, it is ready enough to present the first chapter to the public as a free sample chapter to wet your appetite. You were a beta reader (and I’m still indebted to you) you will not recognize what the book has become, but I could not have gotten here without your help. To read the first chapter you can click here.


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