Health Update-brief

People have been asking, so I thought I would respond here. One week deep into a new and aggressive chemo program, one that had a list of potential side effects that would make a chemical weapons expert cringe, I am happy to announce that the side effects have been minimal. Side effects can always appear later. We will not know it is working for two months. There is a lot at stake. If this program fails, the best medical terminology to describe that situation would be, I would be screwed. If I get any data along the way to suggest if it is working or not, I will share that. Thanks for your continuing support.


Sorry to do this here, but I wanted to speak to Kelsey H. I received your letter but the envelope got tossed and I didn’t have your address to respond (not that you wanted a response). I just wanted to say thank you for your very kind words. I’m so sorry for what you went through last year and I’m so happy that you are better now. Certainly I remember you and am so glad your saga with pain finally ended.


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  1. Hi Dr. Jones, I’m glad you got my letter. I believe you’ll be able to see my email address attached to this comment 🙂


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