Podcasts Returns

I have a new podcast (here) that is on my common theme of finding absolute truth and rationality in a postmodern world. It is looking at the history and consequences of postmodernism through a simplistic philosophical window.

While this has been a recurring theme of my writing and speaking for decades, this time it came back into the limelight through conversations I’ve had over the holidays, and “truth” being discussed in the news again after a politician was caught lying on his résumé. I’m not interested in the politics of it, but in the philosophical concerns of truth.

But I do have a voice, that at times, seems to be the lone voice like the salmon swimming upstream. It is my support for rationality and absolute truth in a postmodern society, and there must be a place to express that voice.

I am dusting off the microphone to create postcasts again. I do podcast not because I think I’m special or smart, or want others to think so. I do not have a large audience, and that is fine with me. However, if I wrote these out as articles and they ended up in some people’s mailboxes, I’m afraid that there would be more opportunity for misunderstandings as they would think I’m being critical of them. I’m not. My life has been cut too short to have social disagreements and hard feelings with anyone. If I only liked people who agreed with me, I would be one lonely man.

As I explained before, I want to make these discussion more difficult to access so that only those who sincerely want to hear me out, will take the time to listen to the podcast. I do understand that the vast majority of people who come here do so because they are concerned about me and my fight with cancer, not to listen to controversial podcasts or read such articles. For their support, I am greatly humbled and deeply grateful.

Mike, still the Hermit at Loch Eyre.


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