New Podcast + Health Update

Health Update:

I said I would not post about my health unless there was something new. There is really not, except for one minor point. Last month my news was that even the most sensitive test for Multiple Myeloma, the M-Spike, was no longer positive. Well, then it was listed as “present but too low to measure.” This month, the M-spike was non-existent … zero. That is my only health news.

To put this in context, the M-spike is so sensitive that it is often positive decades before MM developes. My first positive M-spike was 25 years ago and I only developed MM 4 years ago. My million dollar–and brutal–bone marrow transplant did not change my numbers, but this one treatment, a monoclonal antibody has. For this I am deeply grateful.

This does not qualify as a miracle because it is within the realm of natural laws (about 10% of people reach this level of improvement with this treatment), but I believe that God works through the natural laws that he has created most of the time. Somehow we have this foolish idea that miracles are better than the natural laws. But I digress.

On Writing:

I am getting excited about The Stones of Yemen. I am getting more positive feedback from candid people who have read the later versions. It is still in audio production and then I must do a “listening proof” before the book is released in paperback, hardcover, Kindle, and audio.

The Cottage:

My dream is to build a Scottish Highland-type of stone cottage. I have been working on this for three years. I have been met with many obstacles. But, as of 30 minutes ago, I have my final permits. I have almost come to terms with foundation contractors. This project is something to engage my mind and body, a creative outlet, that will help keep me out of dark places.


I am doing a series of podcast on the “postmodernity” movement. We are watching postmodernity’s decline, which I think is a good thing. But its last bastion of any philosophical movement is within religion and thoughts of spirituality. So, while the thinkers, writers, and artists are moving on to the next big idea, those previously-mentioned areas are deep within post modernity’s grips. These last two podcast (Part A and Part B) explore the history of postmodernity. Please, don’t feel like you need to listen to my podcasts as a gracious act of kindness toward me, but only if you are interested in these topics. My goal isn’t to have a large audience, but to give information to those who sincerely seek it.

The Simple History of Postmodernity, Parts A and B



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17 responses to “New Podcast + Health Update”

  1. Hi, Mike! So happy to hear your good health news! I hope you love building your stone cottage. I traveled to Scotland in 2008 and loved the countryside, the people and the history there. Standing on the battlefield of Culloden gave me chills and tears, feeling that the spirits of the dead were present there with me. Thinking about you and praying for you daily. Mary


  2. (about 10% of people reach this level of improvement with this treatment)

    Well, JMJ, you’re in the top 10%!

    Sturgeon’s Rule: “90% of everything is crap.”
    Rosenberg’s Corollary: “But Oh That 10!”


  3. Mike,

    What extraordinary news. To me, this is a miracle. You and Denise deserve tons of great news to make up for the last years. All the best to you both and tell Denise I said, “Hi”.

    Ann Ann Hutchinson Meyers 210-213-0320

    “The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.”

    Ralph Waldo Emerson



  4. I am so happy for you. Your honest sharing of your process has taught me much. Your courage and resourcefulness give me a fine example to hold on to as I engage with the challenges in my life. I am off to a major medical procedure and am happy to have your good news to smile about. May you find joy and ease and celebration in this New Year .


      • HI Mike. I am at a CCRC in PA (Willow Valley Communities). I had imagined a cottage in the mountains with vista etc for my last phase but….We still have a home in San MIguel de Allende in the mountains. No longer have a place in Canada. I am closer to family on the east coast.
        Tomorrow I must explain to anesthesia what how migraine is not just a headache! With facial droop , ptosis, aphasia, nystagmus and more…should be a chance to spread the word.
        I am genuinely delighted to hear your good news. Your presence has been a gift in my life. Can’t say my migraine syndrome has found relief from treatment but I cope and have learned acceptance. Your writing has encouraged me to believe I can dig deeper still to recover from L2-S1 decompression and fusion. I am hoping for the best. at 73 fusion may take a while!
        Please continue with your good works.
        Love and light


  5. Mike,
    I have never heard of the M-spike becoming zero after being detected….that’s amazingly good news!! Congrats and enjoy!
    Thinking of you often.


    • I looked it up per your comment. It appears to be highly unusual. I’ve had a positive m-spike for 25 years. In recent months the level had been dropping (and was never really high, usually .1 or .2. Then last month it was “too low to measure” and this month, “no m-spike detected.” Here is a quote by a multiple myeloma specialist I found online: “We have patients with low-level M-spikes that do disappear over time. In these cases, the M-spike was either a false positive, or the patient’s immune system dealt with what was there. This is not common, however.” Pete V.

      In my case, with dozens of tests over the years and all positive, I know that it was never a false positive. I am deeply grateful for this outcome and if it persists, and my Multiple Myeloma follows suit, it could even meet my very high “miracle” threshold.


  6. Hi Mike, I am very happy for these latest results!! See my smile? 🙂 I hadn’t realized you tested for a positive M-spike 25 years ago. Such a breath of fresh air for you to feel the light of hopefully much less worry about your future. I am truly amazed at how well you have handled these past few years. In spite of all the dark feelings, frustration, anger and feelings of hopelessness you have prevailed. You have continued to accomplish tangible items as well as not giving up and fighting for your dreams. The stone cottage build is very intriguing to me. I LOVE stone cottages. I came across one in Connecticut years ago while traveling and had to circle back several times on a winding road just to view it again. I finally decided to try and get a picture. I had to pull just a bit into the driveway to do it. I was embarrassed when the owner came out. 😉 But he was very gracious. Phew! Please continue to inspire so many of us. Waiting in the wings for the release of The Stones Of Yemen!


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