The Stones of Yemen is HERE!

For over three years I’ve been waiting for this moment, the release of my new novel, The Stones of Yemen. It is an upmarket suspense (thinking man/woman’s thriller). It is about bereavement. It is also about romantic love, political hate, retribution, forgiveness, and hope, set on the backstory of Yemen’s brutal civil war. It is written in PG-13 vernacular, so don’t be surprised to hear the way typical non-religious people speak in extremely stressful situations. I’m a realist.

Bryan Rogers, the son of a medic who perished in the South Tower on 9/11, takes a sabbatical from his Seattle job as a neurosurgery PA to sail around the world. Halfway through his trip, he stops in Yemen when he imagines the voices of Yemen’s children of war calling for his help. Feeling compelled to help, he went to an ICR refugee camp’s clinic in the mountains to share his medical skills. After a successful first year in Yemen, calamity strikes. In the chaos’ wake—the fog of war—he stumbles upon a plot for a terrorist act that would even surpass that which took his dad, and he is the only person in the world who can thwart it. An around-the-world chase ensues.

Like all artists, there is nothing more rewarding than having someone engage your imagination and come out a happier, more hopeful, and thoughtful person.

J. Michael Jones

I’ve spent countless hours researching, writing, and editing this story. It was a labor of love. This is my eighth book, my best, and likely my last. I do not write toward monetary goals, although there is nothing wrong with that, but I write for my own creative expression and to give entertainment and thought to my readers. Like all artists, there is nothing more rewarding than having someone engage your imagination and come out a happier, more hopeful, and thoughtful person. For that reason, if you like books, please read this one. You will not be disappointed.

The Stones of Yemen is available at all bookstores. You can order it from your local brick and mortar bookstore by the name and author of the book (or by this number: ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-0997759198). It is available in paperback, hardcover, Kindle, and in audiobook. The Amazon link is here. For some odd reason, as I type this, Amazon is listing the books as “sold out.” This should be resolved soon, but if not, the Barnes and Noble link is here. The audiobook can ONLY be purchased here. When you are finished, pass it on. Give it to a friend or deposit in one of those community book lending boxes.

The last favor, is if you read it or listen to it, and especially if you enjoyed it, please leave a review at Amazon or Good Reads. Readers’ reviews are worth much more than ads.


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  1. Congratulations Mine!!!! I’ll be ordering mine from Amazon!!

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