The Stones of Yemen-Amazon has Sold Out

Due to overwhelming support, Amazon has sold out of the physical formats of The Stones of Yemen. They tend to underestimate unknown authors, but fix the problem of supply within 24 hours. Meanwhile, all formats (except the audio version) are available at Barnes and Noble here. The audiobook is only available here.

Thank you again.


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10 responses to “The Stones of Yemen-Amazon has Sold Out”

    • You will learn as you get your first book out that the entire system is set up to make the most money for Amazon etc. They print most of their books from digital files as orders come in (print on demand). However, they prioritize books that they think will make them the most money, big name authors, people who are famous for something. Unknowns such as myself are given a low priority, at least at first. But they do respond and fix the supply line fairly quickly. They also demand 60% of the price of the book as their profit, the printing and distribution takes most of the remaining 40%, leaving pennies for the author. There are almost 4,000 books published daily and the average book sells 500 copies, earning about $300 for the author, who, if they did it well, spent at least $7-$15,000 in expenses such as editing, proof-reading, graphic design, etc. So, trying to be a writer is not for the faint-hearted, but I say this not to discourage you, but so you won’t become discouraged when you face this uphill climb. But like you, I write for the creative process and for the readers’ edification. Good luck. Here is a video of how Amazon fills book orders:


  1. I ordered the audio version when first available but I haven’t listened yet. Yesterday, I ordered the physical one from Barnes & Noble. I remember you saying Amazon takes a huge cut..which I find ridiculous. I can’t wait to read it! 🙂


  2. Hey, Johnny, This is great news! I am glad this is selling…not because of the money. You put a lot of yourself into this. Bill


  3. That’s awesome! I’ve purchased the Kindle version. Probably but the hardcopy for my book library too. Good job you deserve it.


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