A Note to The Stones of Yemen Readers

First of all, I want to say thanks for your trust in me and my writing. I also had to get the word out about a minor glitch in some of the first books off the press.

Writing and publishing a book is not for the fainthearted. I’m no Stephen King, who has a warehouse full of minions to proofread and work on the mundane parts of getting a book out. I’ve proofread the various formats of The Stones of Yemen about ten times and each one has about one million keystrokes to observe. Yet, tonight a glitch was discovered. For some strange reason, the software at the press has bumped chapter seven up between chapters nine and ten in some books including the Kindle format. All the chapters are labeled correctly, just out of order. If you did not notice the chapter heading but just moved from one chapter to the next, it could get confusing. This problem has been fixed. But simply read the chapters in the order of their heading and you will be fine. Sorry this happened, but looking on the bright side, some day your copy (like a misprinted on hundred dollar bill) could be worth a lot of money!

I will try not to post for a few days as not to wear out my welcome.



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