Cottage Update 2, We Have Concrete!

Here’s a brief video below of the concrete pumper truck delivering the first of two concrete pours.

I am becoming more committed to this project with each passing day. Of course, at any stage I could do an about face and turn this into a goat barn for Denise, especially if my health fails.

I got my most recent labs back today, and they were a little disappointing. It is hard to say if the cancer is returning or just a minor fluctuation. Only time will tell. This is the cancer patient’s (or any patient’s) dilemma, tests, over which you have no control, that predict your future, yet trying to do your best to live like there is a tomorrow despite their results..



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3 responses to “Cottage Update 2, We Have Concrete!”

  1. Wow…that’s some operation. You must not have very good truck access. Hope you can enjoy this in a few months– goats or not. You are a force of nature. Prayers always for you friend.


  2. That last paragraph is so profound…and so true!! I read that to Jeff and he said he is right there with you!! He feels those statements deep in his soul as he battles kidney cancer!! 😉 Love the progress updates!


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