New Opportunities for The Stones of Yemen

If you have considered reading The Stones of Yemen but have not obtained a copy of the book yet, I wanted to mention two new opportunities.

Kindle Unlimited: If you are a subscriber of Kindle Unlimited, The Stones of Yemen is now available for free to you. Just search for it like you usually do on your Kindle device.

Local Bookstores:

  1. Watermark Book Company. Brandy at Watermark Book Company in Anacortes has been very supportive by offering the book in her store here in Anacortes. It would be a great way to reward her for her support and to support a local business. If she has sold out, just ask them to order it for you.
  2. Pelican Bay Books and Coffee House. Eli has one used copy for about nine bucks and likewise, it would be a great way to support a local business and get a good deal on the book.

For those who have read the book, I hope you enjoyed it, but if you did or didn’t, I hope you can leave a review on Amazon or wherever you bought it.

Thanks, Mike


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2 responses to “New Opportunities for The Stones of Yemen”

  1. Hi Mike

    Glenda Charman here from NZ. Hoping you are ok.I sent you a lengthy email several weeks ago congratulating you on your incredible The Stones of Yemen which I purchased on Kindle and describing the reasons why this book left a lasting impression on me. Wondering if you received it? Also, a few years back you gave me another email address to contact you, but I can’ locate this in my system. I would like to send you a few chapters for my own book Worn Traveller, as it was through you, and your last reply to me a few months back, that inspired me to not give up on my writing. Am really hoping your health is holding up with your latest test results, disappointing and that your Grand Cottage is growing.

    Kind regards

    Glenda Charman


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