Cottage Update # 3


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5 responses to “Cottage Update # 3”

  1. I love your updates Mike! Good luck with all the plumbing and the rest of the concrete slab. And I look forward to your next video with your cottage update!


      • Thanks Mike – it won’t get fixed until mid May at the earliest. We just received another foot of snow so there will need to be a whole lot of melting before the ground can be dug into! Huge amount of snow this winter with huge drifts and definitely running out of room to put it!


  2. Hi Mike, I just noticed in my email that I could reply right here. So I wanted to send you the photo of the stone cottage I mentioned a while back. This one is located in CT. I’m sure it’s much different than you’ll be doing but that’s the fun of stone cottages. ? It looks like things are moving along for you. Keep sharing, it will be really fun seeing once the real building process begins.

    -Barbara Hammond ________________________________


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