Cottage Update 7

Sorry to do two posts in one day, but here goes:


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    • Skagit county doesn’t allow true stone houses. Due to earthquake potential, it must have a wood-framed core with stones attached to the outside. I tried to get permitted for a full stone wall, but it was impossible here. But I will use real stones cladding the entire exterior and with some stones on the interior and the rest a lime stucco. I know that the Fakkema farm (Dick’s farm) has a true stone house, but that was before new standards (per what my architech says). But it is taking shape. BTW, much of my old fir wood is from Dick’s barn.


  1. Wow..that’s a lot of work to take on yourself but you are doing it! ๐Ÿ™‚ The view is amazing now it will be so much sweeter through the window of the cottage. Keep on keeping on..hoping for good news on health report.


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