The Onus of the Stiff Upper Lip

I’ve written on suffering before, but at this juncture I feel I can take more liberties, because I’m not suffering. Not much. So I don’t have the inherent fear that I’ll be perceived as wallowing in self-pity. But I’ve made observations of how other people handle suffering and remember how it felt when it was overwhelming me. I’ve concluded that there is something unhealthy in our culture about how we perceive suffering and express it. For those interested in this discussion, I’ve made a podcast on the topic, which you can listen to here.


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2 responses to “The Onus of the Stiff Upper Lip”

  1. Mike, this podcast was really emotional for me and something that was so important to talk about. The world I live in has brought a lot of pain into our family thru the years with a lot of shed tears and lots of praying. You are so right in the verse of Jesus wept because of death of his beloved friend, as He weeps for all of us in our suffering and pain whether from sickness, disease, or from our own poor choices. I am so thankful that no matter what, He says He will never leave us or forsake us, and I love the word picture that we are in the palm of His hand! You are in my prayers! Keep up the pod casts and my husband and I are reading The Stones Of Yemen, it’s fantastic!!


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