In Defense of the COVID-19 Vaccination

As most of you know, America and the world is on the cusp of yet another deadly surge in COVID infections, this time being driven by the highly contagious Delta Variant, which is also more deadly than the previous infections. All the computer models (the same ones that were very accurate over this last year)Continue reading “In Defense of the COVID-19 Vaccination”

Health Update: June 27th, Is the Window Closing?

Update: The last time I wrote, I spoke of being in a window of positive news about my cancer. My symptoms were low and the tests were favorable. I was at the point of being giddy, and guilty for feeling so good when I have friends suffering. Anyone who has dealt with a chronic disease,Continue reading “Health Update: June 27th, Is the Window Closing?”

Pluralism, Tolerance, and Relativity; Post Note on Certainty and Agnosticism

I could not end this series without touching on these two topics for completion. As I pondered how to do that, even these parting topics had spinoffs, such as how do we find truth to start with (epistemology)? But I will let that go for now. Certainty In most religious sects, certainty is not onlyContinue reading “Pluralism, Tolerance, and Relativity; Post Note on Certainty and Agnosticism”

Pluralism, Tolerance, and Relativity Part III; Relativism

In 1992 I listened to a remarkable lecture titled, Possible Answers to Basic Philosophical Questions. Dr. Schaeffer, the presenter, had made the point in an earlier lecture that philosophy is really a remarkably simple discipline because, unlike biology or physics, there are only a handful of questions and an equal number of possible answers. TheContinue reading “Pluralism, Tolerance, and Relativity Part III; Relativism”

Pluralism, Tolerance, and Relativity Part II; Intolerance

The Art and Science of Religious Intolerance To fully address tolerance, I believe we must look carefully at the substance of intolerance. I used the term “art” in the title, not implying a positive trait, but how we work creatively to dress up or decorate our intolerances to make them more palatable. Within the varietyContinue reading “Pluralism, Tolerance, and Relativity Part II; Intolerance”