Pluralism, Relativism, and Tolerance Part I

A long time ago, I attended a philosophical lecture with the same title as this piece. While I don’t remember all the details, the way the speaker approached this topic left a lasting impression on me. I am writing about this now out of my continuing concern about our collective loss of truth. This lossContinue reading “Pluralism, Relativism, and Tolerance Part I”

Beta Reader for Retribution

I have just completed my eleventh draft of my new novel, Retribution. I am looking for someone who enjoys reading fiction and would be willing to be a “beta reader.” The book is an “upscale” thriller, meaning in this case a thriller with a thoughtful backstory and believable characters. The story starts with an AmericanContinue reading “Beta Reader for Retribution”

Ramblings: The Secret to the Survivor’s Smile

The first time I came across the secret was when I learned that my dear aunt Helen, who was like a second mom and always inebriated on joy, had a horrible past life. She lost five immediate family members (three sisters and parents) before she turned 18. Then she married a man who did notContinue reading “Ramblings: The Secret to the Survivor’s Smile”

Ramblings: Why the Mars Perseverance Landing is Sacred

I’m going to say some things that will sound weird, leaving many scratching their heads. But if you think through this to its metaphysical roots, you see that I’m talking about something essential. Tomorrow the NASA Mars lander, the Perseverance, will land on Mars and for me, it will be a sacred day. I willContinue reading “Ramblings: Why the Mars Perseverance Landing is Sacred”