The Problem with Miracles; Part III

Again, 80% of Americans believe that miracles are common now. Why would I be so foolish to challenge that belief? I’m not. As I said previously, I’m not here to quarrel with anyone’s belief system, if that belief system includes common miracles. But, as the title of this series implies, sometimes there are problems withContinue reading “The Problem with Miracles; Part III”

The Problem of Miracles Part II

I was going to look at this topic from a variety of perspectives. However, even addressing it from a Christian standpoint alone will be daunting. Therefore, all my discussions would be how the issue of miracles play out in that Christian realm. First, I want to discuss definitions. Like I said in my previous post,Continue reading “The Problem of Miracles Part II”

Ramblings: Franklin Graham and Practical Implications of Dualism

I was working on a serious article about miracles when I turned on the TV for background noise. On that TV came Franklin Graham and one of his commercials with him standing in my beloved Seattle. I had seen these ads before, and they rubbed me the wrong way. I wanted to share via aContinue reading “Ramblings: Franklin Graham and Practical Implications of Dualism”

Ramblings: The Problem of Miracles, Part I

I hope that I see this article through to publication here on this blog, because I’ve given miracles a lot of thought. I am still in my break of writing Retribution and will get back to it shortly. I was thinking that I would write several articles here during this break. A writing instructor saidContinue reading “Ramblings: The Problem of Miracles, Part I”

Ramblings: The Thin Line Between Fear and Real

As always, something in life propels an idea to the forefront of my mind . . . then I ruminate over it for days. I’ve always been interested in the idea of fear and anxiety, partially because I’ve suffered from anxiety, at least in the past, and I’ve worked with many patients with anxiety disorders.Continue reading “Ramblings: The Thin Line Between Fear and Real”

Ramblings: The Undoing; and Wearing One’s Life Close to the Surface

I used to be more creative, or so it seems. Aging, living in extreme stress, and having gallons of chemotherapy pumped through my veins may have taken their toil. My loss of creativity also could be my misconception. I don’t jog anymore. Okay, I’ve run three times, only a mile each. But I used toContinue reading “Ramblings: The Undoing; and Wearing One’s Life Close to the Surface”

Ramblings: Navigating the Bubbles of Realities; The Truman Shows

Disclaimer, this is not a rant against Donald Trump. It is simply an attempt to mark out the boundaries of both sides in a fair way and to look at the barriers to bringing those groups together. I recently had yet another discussion with a Pro-Trump friend. In the midst of this discussion, I realizedContinue reading “Ramblings: Navigating the Bubbles of Realities; The Truman Shows”

Ramblings: Observations in the Season of Elections

The world will not end if Donald Trump is re-elected. It will not end if Joe Biden is elected. In the big scheme of things, elections come and go. While I agree, there is a lot at stake, life will go on after November 3rd. Sometimes each side overstates the value of an election toContinue reading “Ramblings: Observations in the Season of Elections”