A New Podcast; Mysticism Vs Mystery

Are we in the “Dim Age?” Western civilization is cycling once again through an age when “mysticism” or experience have become vogue while reason and the search for classical truth have been relegated to the boring, “unspiritual,” or unimportant. Unlike the “Dark Ages” there is not a complete abandonment of truth and reason this time,Continue reading “A New Podcast; Mysticism Vs Mystery”

A New Podcast, and it’s Not Mine

I have been writing, blogging, and now podcasting on what’s wrong with the modern “Evangelical” movement since 1990. I have been tempted to revisit the abortion question with the Supreme Court leak on banding abortion, but I’ve fought the temptation as I have done enough. But I just listened to a great podcast on theContinue reading “A New Podcast, and it’s Not Mine”

New Pod Cast; I Think, Therefore I Am … Not Spiritual

I’ve uploaded a new podcast with the above title. Christianity has had an unhealthy conflict between faith and reason since its beginning. But Christianity teaches that God is the creator, including the creator of our reason as our means to finding truth just as our eyes were created to see light. Reason, while not perfect,Continue reading “New Pod Cast; I Think, Therefore I Am … Not Spiritual”