Ramblings: The Secret to the Survivor’s Smile

The first time I came across the secret was when I learned that my dear aunt Helen, who was like a second mom and always inebriated on joy, had a horrible past life. She lost five immediate family members (three sisters and parents) before she turned 18. Then she married a man who did notContinue reading “Ramblings: The Secret to the Survivor’s Smile”

Ramblings: Why the Mars Perseverance Landing is Sacred

I’m going to say some things that will sound weird, leaving many scratching their heads. But if you think through this to its metaphysical roots, you see that I’m talking about something essential. Tomorrow the NASA Mars lander, the Perseverance, will land on Mars and for me, it will be a sacred day. I willContinue reading “Ramblings: Why the Mars Perseverance Landing is Sacred”

Ramblings: The Mercy of Snow

A long time ago, ca. high school, I tried to write rhymed verses poetry. One such poem, began; Earthward bound glides the gulls toward the cliffs below,The bird, himself, like a piece of heaven, downward drifting slow. The poem continued (and I can’t remember the words now) by depicting the seagull as it morphed intoContinue reading “Ramblings: The Mercy of Snow”

Ramblings: The Great Divorce Part II

Remarriage Last time I described how the divorce from objective observation of reality in finding truth, or some call it reason, occurred. But reason and science were slowly reunited with the church through a convoluted course. I wish that I could say that the church came to its senses, repented, and remarried God’s gift ofContinue reading “Ramblings: The Great Divorce Part II”

Ramblings: Having Cancer is Like

Having cancer is like playing a recurring game of Russian roulette. They whirl the blood, or magnets, to look for disease … but you are really revolving the cylinders. You pray constantly that the hammer finds the chamber empty. If it doesn’t, you will be set adrift in a single kayak slithering down through aContinue reading “Ramblings: Having Cancer is Like”

Ramblings: The Great Divorce Part I (of two parts)

C. S. Lewis wrote an imaginative novel called The Great Divorce, publishing it in 1945. In that novel, he describes a fascinating bus trip from hell to heaven. But I’ve been thinking about a different divorce, the separation of the Christian church from objective information, including science. I saw a report that evangelicals in America areContinue reading “Ramblings: The Great Divorce Part I (of two parts)”